Areas of Law

Most lawyers limit their practice to certain areas of law. Locally, the these areas can also be divided based on the court.

General Jurisdiction Courts: These courts have the ability to oversee any case and preside over trials. The trials and courtrooms most often portrayed on television legal dramas and cover several kinds of cases.

  • In Kentucky, these care called Circuit Courts, and they most often handle felony criminal cases and civil cases where more than $5,000 is in dispute.
  • In Ohio, these are called Common Pleas Courts, and they also handle felony criminal cases and civil cases valued at more than $15,000.

Limited Jurisdiction Courts: These courts have a narrower mission and are responsible for select areas of the law.

  • District Courts in Kentucky handle city and country violatiosn and misdemeanors and civil cases valued at $5,000 or less.
  • Municipal and County Courts in Ohio handle misdemeanors and traffic violations. They also preside over civil cases where less than $15,000 is in dispute.
  • In both states, counties also operate Small Claims Courts (less than $3,000 in Ohio and less than $2,500 in Kentucky), where individuals are expected to represent themselves over issues related to small disputes.
  • Counties also often have courts for other limited jurisdictional areas, such as Probate Court for handling wills and estates; Family Court (KY) or Domestic Relations Court (OH) for divorces, adoption and custody issues; and Juvenile Court for children accused of criminal behavior.

Within each court, cases are typically classified as either Civil or Criminal. Civil suits are those cases where the court is being asked to decide on a dispute between two people - this can include disputes over property, contracts or even family issues. Criminal law deals with people who are accused of committing a crime and the case is brought by the city, county or state.

Greene & Associates represents both plaintiffs and defendants in Civil Cases. The most common civil cases include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Disputes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Automobile, Motorcycle and Truck Accidents
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractice

In both family law and criminal law, there are additional sub specialities. Greene & Associates does not handle domestic law or criminal cases, but we are pleased to refer clients to excellent attorneys who do.