Auto, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

Auto, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents - Greene & AssociatesAn accident occurs in just seconds, but the effects last a lifetime.

There is no dollar amount that could make up for all you’ve been through, or make you whole when you’ve suffered a loss. There is no way to reverse the loss of a loved one, a severed limb, loss of brain function or a severed spinal cord. These and other such damages are irreparable and catastrophic.

Angela Greene has the gift of communication as well as powerful litigation skills that command a jury’s attention.  She assists them in translating your loss into the only way the law allows you to be compensated—in dollars and cents.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Everyday we advocate for for accident victims suffering from catastrophic injuries, and we excel at winning the toughest cases. Angela Greene has a nearly perfect record in court and that’s because she understands that you’ve put your faith in her.  She personally handles every key component in your case, from filing the suit to uncovering crucial evidence, from locating key experts and witnesses to presenting the case to a jury.

Angela Greene is a master strategist and will leverage her 20 years of experience on both sides of the bar to fight for you.

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