Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents - Greene & AssociatesNegligence and Product Liability – it’s all up in the air.

Despite the lack of publicity, aviation accidents are more common than we realize, even in Ohio and Kentucky. Aviation accident law governs both commercial and general aviation, which includes any non-commercial aircraft such as helicopters, private jets, small planes, charter flights and hang gliders.

Aviation liability cases are some of the most complex cases out there, because determining and proving the root cause of an accident in a court of law can potentially include issues surrounding:

  • Aircraft function and safety
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) regulations
  • State, federal and international law
  • Pilot error
  • Owner/operator liability
  • Manufacturer liability
  • Negligence of parties involved with the maintenance of the vehicle or the flight itself

If you are facing an aviation accident suit, you need the best attorney in the business. With so many variables to juggle, an assembly line of junior attorneys and assistants is not in your best interest. In this scenario, the case becomes a jigsaw puzzle with too many people gathering evidence and preparing litigation, and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

At other firms, details can get lost as information transfers from person to person, and key information or pivotal evidence may be missed when they are examined out of context.

At Greene & Associates, we take a personal approach. Our seasoned attorneys will personally handle every detail of every case.

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