Darren | Contract Dispute - Green & Associates Darren is a construction contractor and small business owner. One of his customers sued him, and his business insurance company recommended Angela L. Greene to represent him. The customer who brought the case was also a lawyer.

“She brought out all of the information, showing that we did everything right,” Darren said. “Angela was able to prove that all of the allegations were false. She’s very thorough and excellent in court.”

Darren said that Angela is skilled at explaining complicated legal issues in basic terms.

"She gives you the information you need on a level you can understand. She has a big-time lawyer mentality, but she’s personable and spends the time to know your case.”

Now, Darren uses Greene & Associates for all of his legal work.

“She can go up against anybody – a frivolous lawsuit or a fleet of high-priced lawyers – and she can win,” he said.