Drug & Medical Device Recalls

Drug & Medical Device Recalls - Greene & Associates Medical mistakes can have profound, permanent consequences.

When we are sick, medicine restores our health. When surgery is the only answer, medical devices mend what our body can’t.

When we go to the doctor, fill our prescription or consent to surgery, we place our fate in the hands of the people who were involved with the medical products utilized in our care.

We trust that the ingredients in a pharmaceutical are pure, that they have been measured and combined perfectly and that they are safe for use. We trust that the biologics and components of medical devices are uncontaminated, that they have been assembled without error and that they will work as promised by the manufacturer, sales rep and surgeon.

When just one tiny cog in the wheel of the production process goes awry, lives are forever changed.

Greene and Associates has the knowledge and experience to take on complicated medical cases.

A proven track record of cases involving the medical sciences, toxicology, epidemiology and pathology give our attorneys the upper hand when researching, preparing and presenting drug and medical device cases.

There are three types of lawsuits common to defective pharmaceuticals and medical devices:

  • Injury due to a device or drug that was improperly made or manufactured
  • Injury due to misuse caused by improper marketing, labeling or instructions
  • Injury as a result of side effects or misuse of a drug or device

In this type of product liability, lawsuits can take several forms:

Personal injury civil suit

  • Mass tort: When many people share a common injury, attorneys can file a mass tort lawsuit in which many plaintiffs sue one corporate defendant to seek damages. Class action cases are one type of mass tort lawsuits.
  • Class action: In this type of case, a large group of people, together with their attorneys, file one lawsuit together as a whole and seek collective damages.

Lawsuits can be brought against any or all of the following:

  • Medical facility, hospital or pharmacy
  • Prescribing doctor or surgeon implanting the device
  • Drug or medical device manufacturer
  • Company sales representative

If you have suffered from the adverse effects of a flawed pharmaceutical or medical device, call Greene & Associates, and we’ll pursue the type of case that is in your best interest.

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