Paul Product Liability - Green & Associates Paul owned and operated a company that sold power sports equipment. One of his customers was using an all-terrain vehicle and was involved in a rollover accident. The person sued both the manufacturer of the vehicle and Paul and his company.

Angela Greene represented Paul and his company, while another lawyer represented the manufacturer. Angela was able to prove, in this case, that the driver improperly operated the vehicle, resulting in the accident. She helped Paul protect his business.

“She did a great job of understanding the technology in question and paid really close attention to all of the details of the case,” Paul said. “She pointed out some of the inconsistencies and challenges of what was being alleged and won the case. She gave me a lot of confidence.”

The case went before a jury, and Angela won the case.

“Some lawyers are effective litigators and some are great in a courtroom – Angela has both of those skills,” Paul said.