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Case management

How your case is handled by an attorney or law firm as it is in process. This term references how a claim is filed, prepared, tried and billed and who will handle the case, ranging from the lead attorney to the involvement of secretaries, paralegals and junior attorneys.

Civil case

A case within the branch of law known as civil law, which deals with disputes between individuals and/or organizations in which compensation may be awarded to the victim in order to reconcile an injury or loss.

Class action lawsuit

A type of lawsuit in which a large number of people with a common complaint comes together as a group to sue one defendant and seek collective damages.


In the legal arena, this is money given to make one whole after an injury or loss.

Contingent fee

A payment arrangement in which no payment is made for legal services unless there is a recovery or monetary reward in the case. In this arrangement payment is a percentage of the amount awarded, usually one-third of the final recovery.


In legal terms, refers to the contingent fee arrangement; cases are taken on contingency.