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refers to conducting a lawsuit. The lawyers who prepare a lawsuit or defend a lawsuit are considered litigators.


The term used to describe a person who is responsible for causing an injury, to describe the fault of an individual in a lawsuit or the cause of an occurrence.


Something that puts an individual or a group at a disadvantage, or something that an individual or group is responsible for, or the potential of causing something to occur or put someone in harm’s way.

Limited tort

A type of no-fault auto insurance system in which no-fault states adopt a modified no-fault system in which lawsuits for non-economic damages are permitted but are limited to certain restrictions.


An attorney who represents plaintiffs and defendants in court or legal proceedings such as hearings, arbitrations, mediations and trials and conducts all research and filing procedures leading up to them.

Loss of consortium

A term used in tort law that refers to the loss of the benefits of a family relationship due to injury.