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When you’re searching for a lawyer, you’re searching for more than just a representative. You need a champion for your cause.

No one wants to end up in a situation wherein it’s necessary to hire an attorney. Yet, when the time comes for you to seek legal assistance, you want someone who will not only be your advocate but also your champion.

It’s important to choose a lawyer who’s highly qualified to handle your case—but qualifications alone aren’t enough. You should find someone who will give your case personal attention and pursue every detail and available option. You deserve more than a spokesman or a case manager. You want an attorney who recognizes that your case affects a real person, real families, and real needs.

Find out how our attorneys can help you; contact Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law at (859) 594-7730 for a free consultation with an attorney at our Florence, KY or Cincinnati, OH office.

Experience Matters

An attorney’s trial experience in the field can make or break your case. That’s why it’s important to find out how long any potential attorney has practiced law in the legal area you need, as well as in your specific location. Every state, every city, and every county has its own laws, rules, and customary practices. You are not expected to know the law, but the lawyer you choose must.

At Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, both Attorney Angela Greene and Attorney Patricia O’Malley are extensively experienced in the areas of personal injury and family law. Attorney Greene is a highly decorated trial lawyer who has decades of legal experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex injury claims; she brings knowledge of how the opposition works to every case she handles.

Attorney O’Malley, meanwhile, focuses her practice on complex and sensitive family law matters, ranging from divorce to child custody to alimony. She provides her clients with compassionate, personalized legal attention backed by years of experience navigating the family court system.

Hire a Winner

When seeking legal counsel, look for a winning track record. What’s the potential attorney’s win/loss ratio? Does the attorney actually have trial experience? This is a clear indicator of talent, strategy, skills, and drive for success.

In jury trials, Attorney Greene almost never loses. Her impressive history of success comprises a near-perfect win/loss record. For her commitment to ethics, client service, and results, Attorney Greene has earned the prestigious AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest peer-review rating offered by the organization.

Attorney O’Malley has also had considerable success in helping her clients achieve favorable and agreeable resolutions to even the most challenging of situations.

Trial Attorneys vs. Litigation Lawyers

Another distinction comes down to the courtroom itself. Some lawyers are trial attorneys. That means they are experienced in and excel at presenting cases in a courtroom to a jury or a judge. Some lawyers, known as litigators, are more comfortable with written briefs, preparing paperwork, and discussing settlements.

At Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, we pride ourselves on trial experience. We take personal injury cases expecting that they will go to trial. We do not take them just to settle them. Our attorneys evaluate your case and prepare it with the intent to win. We recognize, however, that settlement is a great outcome in many cases. Therefore, we may recommend settling a case when appropriate. That being said, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal: serving and pursuing our clients’ desired outcomes.

Lawyers who are less comfortable with presenting a case to a jury may shy away from the courtroom. Clients in these situations may find themselves passed off to another lawyer at a later stage in the process because of a pending trial. When selecting a lawyer, be sure to ask about scenarios in which your case may go to trial and exactly who will be trying it.

Why Trial Experience Matters

Cases are won with an experienced, prepared, and empowered lawyer.

The courtroom is no place for the unprepared, the inexperienced, or the faint of heart—it’s a battlefield, and not every attorney is equipped for it. That’s why choosing an attorney with trial experience can make or break the outcome of your case.

You didn’t ask to be injured or to be a victim. You can’t always control the circumstances surrounding your divorce or the actions of the other parent of your child. However, the repercussions of these situations can affect you and your loved ones for years to come. That’s why you need an aggressive strategist and passionate advocate to lead you into battle.

Over time, an attorney who conducts herself with grace, poise, and integrity earns professional respect among her peers and judges alike. An attorney who plans for every possible outcome has a lasting impact on the minds of mediators and judges and can deftly persuade a jury. Combined preparedness, reputation, and skill are the keys to success in the courtroom.

In the unforgiving courtroom arena, there is no room for error. That’s why trial experience matters. Our record is a testament to our skill. When you hire Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, you can be confident in your attorney. We don’t know how to lose.

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Choosing a lawyer to represent you is a weighty decision; we understand that it can be an overwhelming one as well. At Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of client service and easing the legal process for you in any way we can.

Even if your case lies outside our area of expertise, we’ll help you in your search to find the most qualified champion for your cause.

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