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How Child Support Laws Work in Ohio

In Ohio, both parents of a child have a responsibility to that child, regardless of whether or not the parents were or are married at the time the child is born. Child support is meant to ensure that both parents care for the child, even when one parent does not have (or does not wish to have) physical custody of the child. The amount the non-custodial parent must pay is based on a child support calculator (recently revised in Ohio; see below to learn more).

At Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, we assist both receiving and paying parents in all manner of child support issues, ranging from enforcing child support orders to requesting modifications. Our child support attorneys in Cincinnati can help ensure your rights are protected and that the best interests of your child are the top priority.

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Grounds for Child Support Modification in Cincinnati, OH

In Ohio both mothers and fathers have the ability to request child support modification based on a variety of different factors, including:

  • If either parent has experienced a change in employment or earnings
  • If the child's primary residence has changed
  • If there are additional children that the parent is now obligated to support
  • If there have been unanticipated medical or education expenses

Unsure whether you have proper grounds to request child support modification? Give our attorneys a call to discuss your situation in a free consultation. We can help you determine whether or not you have a case.

New Child Support Laws in Ohio

In March of 2019, Ohio enacted new child support laws regarding how child support is calculated in the state. The new laws, which mark the first time child support guidelines have been revised in Ohio in 26 years, may have a major impact on you if you are the paying parent.

Some of the effects of these new laws include:

  • An increase in minimum child support payments per month from $50 to $80
  • Paying parents who make $8,400 or less per year will pay the minimum of $80
  • Parents who make $14,000 or less per year may have their child support payments reduced
  • Parents who make over $14,000 a year may be required to pay more in child support
  • For parents with joint physical custody (shared parenting time), child support payments may decrease if the paying parent spends “significant” time with the child
  • Parents paying child support to multiple people must pay a standard amount for each child
  • Childcare expenses (such as daycare) will be capped in regards to calculating child support
  • Parents who pay for a child’s health insurance may deduct that cost from their total income in regard to calculating child support payments

To learn more about these changes or how child support is calculated in Ohio, contact the Cincinnati child support lawyers at Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law. We offer free phone consultations and can help you fully understand your rights as either the paying parent or the receiving parent.

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