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The dissolution of a marriage is never easy. Separating or divorcing spouses often have many questions. How will a divorce affect the children? Who keeps the house in a divorce? How will a spouse who formerly relied on the other as a breadwinner be able to maintain the same standard of living?

If you are considering filing for divorce in Ohio, it’s important that you reach out to an experienced divorce attorney in Cincinnati who can help you navigate these and other issues. At Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, we have over 50 years of combined experience; we understand how the Ohio domestic law system works and how to help you work toward a favorable resolution in your divorce case. Whether you wish to resolve your divorce through mediation or if you need to go to court, our firm is well-positioned to aggressively advocate for you and your best interests.

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Understanding Ohio’s Divorce Laws

The state of Ohio is a mixed state when it comes to divorce. This means you can file for divorce either on the grounds of fault or no-fault. There are various pros and cons to each; the right choice will depend on the specifics of your situation and what you hope to achieve through the divorce process.

Some things to consider:

  • If ending your marriage on “no-fault” grounds, you will file for Dissolution of Marriage, not divorce. In order to do so, both spouses must agree to all terms of the dissolution, including child custody and support agreements, alimony, property division, and more.
  • Dissolution of marriage is a more straightforward—and, typically, much faster—form of ending a marriage in Ohio than divorce. In some cases, the courts are only minimally involved, if at all.
  • If ending your marriage on “fault” grounds, you will file for divorce. This is the case when both spouses cannot agree on the various aspects of the divorce or when one spouse wishes to obtain an advantage in terms of child custody/support, alimony, property division, etc.
  • To file a Complaint for Divorce in Ohio, the filing spouse (known as the plaintiff) must have been a resident of Ohio for at least six months prior to filing the Complaint.

Furthermore, a divorce action may be converted to a dissolution action, and vice versa, at a later date. Be advised that this is a very brief overview of the Ohio divorce and dissolution of marriage processes; to learn more about how the law may apply in your case, contact Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law.

Assisting with All Aspects of Your Divorce/Dissolution

When a marriage ends, there are a number of things both parties need to consider. If the two spouses had children, either together or from a previous partnership, they will need to agree upon a child custody arrangement and child support schedule. This will cover everything from where the child/children will live to the schools they will attend, religion they will be raised in, and more.

Furthermore, all separating spouses will need to consider and agree upon the division of property and assets. This can quickly become quite complicated when there are unique extraneous factors, such as shared businesses, high assets, and multiple real properties. You may also wish to arrange an alimony agreement, depending on the unique circumstances of your case. If you and your spouse cannot agree on the division of property/assets and there is no prenuptial agreement in place, your property and assets will be divided according to Ohio state laws.

To learn more about how Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law can help you with all aspects of your divorce or dissolution of marriage, get in touch with a Cincinnati divorce attorney at our firm today. We offer free phone consultations, as well as straightforward and honest legal counsel.

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