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Insurance companies have a responsibility to honor the terms of the insurance policy and handle claims in a fair and timely manner. Unfortunately, many insurers use several tactics to delay, reduce, or even deny valid claims.

If you believe that you are a victim of insurance bad faith, look no further than Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law to help you maximize your entitled compensation. Our legal team can thoroughly examine your situation and determine all your legal options for seeking a fair a settlement. We are not afraid to go up against big insurance companies in order to fight for the rights of regular people.

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Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Kentucky

Most people who purchase insurance coverage expect the insurer to look out for their policy holders’ best interests and pay the claim without reluctance. However, insurance companies often attempt to maximize the profits from their premiums by minimizing payments to their customers.

Fortunately, Kentucky law prohibits insurers from denying valid claims, which is commonly known as acting in bad faith. Under the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act and the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act of Kentucky, any person who suffers a loss of money or property due to certain unlawful acts, methods, or otherwise practices can bring a lawsuit to civil court to obtain damages and relief.

The following are several acts of omission that are considered grounds for an insurance bad faith claim in KY:

  • Denying claims even though liability has already been established and the policyholder is entitled to it under the policy terms

  • Delaying claims without a reasonable cause

  • Unfairly reducing claims

  • Concealing or misrepresenting important coverage facts or provisions within the insurance policy

  • Refusing to pay claims without a reasonable investigation of the case

  • Failing to affirm or reject coverage of claims within a reasonable time after the completion of proof of loss statements

In order to succeed in a bad faith insurance claim, you must prove that (1) the insurer has an obligation to pay the claim under the policy terms, (2) the insurer lacked a reasonable basis in law or fact for reducing, denying, delaying, or otherwise failing to settle the claim, and (3) the insurer has knowledge of not having a reasonable basis for failing to settle the claim.

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