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The elderly are helpless against nursing home abuse and neglect. They need our protection. A recent study revealed the shocking truth that more than 30 percent of nursing homes have received an abuse citation.

At Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law, we believe in the importance of defending these victims and demanding there be consequences for these actions. In doing so, together we join the crusade for change. If you believe your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect in Kentucky, contact our Florence-based nursing home neglect lawyers at Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law.

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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

If you or a loved one is living in a nursing home facility, it’s important to understand that there are rigorous standards of care that protect the elderly. A written copy of these standards should be in your hands when you sign the contract and when your loved one assumes residency. It’s vital to be vigilant as you watch for signs of neglect or abuse. Remember, your loved one is depending on you to keep him or her safe.

Visible signs of physical abuse are often hidden from visitors’ eyes, while emotional and financial abuses are not immediately observable. It’s important to be mindful of your loved one’s demeanor, ask him or her questions, and give plenty of time to answer—it takes courage to speak up and it may take some time before your loved one’s ready.

Listen carefully and observe your loved one’s overall physical and emotional well-being using the checklist below. By doing so, you can identify and take action against abuse and neglect immediately.

Known types of abuse and neglect include:

  • Unattended falls
  • Bedsores and sacral ulcers
  • Sexual abuse
  • Dehydration and malnourishment
  • Overmedication or incorrect medication
  • Infection, sepsis, and neglected wounds
  • Wrongful death as a result of any of the above over a prolonged period of time
  • Emotional abuse such as repeated insults, humiliation, and threats
  • Ignoring or isolating the resident for extended amounts of time
  • Failure to bathe the patient or change bedding, clothing, and wound dressings
  • Forced restraint by chemical (such as sedation or use of other psycho-pharmaceuticals) or physical means

What to look for when determining if your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect:

  • Look for bruising, open and/or infected wounds, bed sores, burns, and abrasions. Be wary if your loved one constantly has bandages or dressings outside of IV sites. Examine his/her head, neck, arms, and legs. If your loved one complains of consistent pain elsewhere, ask a staff member to help you take a look.
  • Note any sudden or unexplained weight loss. This could be a sign of an underlying medical condition and therefore needs attention. It could also be a sign of malnutrition and dehydration, a red flag for neglect.
  • Observe your loved one’s hygiene. Does he or she look clean and groomed? Are bedding and clothing fresh and clean? Body odor, dirt under the nails, matted hair, and stained bedding and clothing are all clear indicators of neglect.
  • Be mindful of your loved one’s behavior. Listlessness, physical and emotional withdrawal, unusual or infantile behavior, disappearance of personal items, or sudden financial transactions are all red flags that require immediate attention.
  • Be conscious of delayed access to your loved one during unannounced visits. Also, if a staff member is constantly present during visits, this could be a sign that something is amiss.

If you see any of these signs of abuse or neglect, contact Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law so you can ensure your loved one is being cared for properly.

What Can We Do?

When you signed your final documentation for nursing home residency, you should have received a written policy outlining standards of care. You can reference this as you move forward.

Notify the administrator of the nursing home of your concerns. If the problem is not resolved, if it is denied completely, or if your loved one’s condition does not improve, it’s time to contact a lawyer and file a personal injury claim.

Document everything. Keep a journal that includes:

  • Important dates of communication or visitation
  • Description of condition of the patient or the residence
  • Photographs of wounds or of room/bed/patient hygiene, etc.
  • Records of communication that include name, staff member position, and response/action taken (or not taken)

Contact Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law today to take immediate action. You can make a difference in the life of your loved one and others who are suffering from abuse and neglect at that facility. One phone call can have a positive impact on many lives.

Reach out to the Florence nursing home neglect lawyers at Greene & O’Malley Attorneys at Law for a free consultation; call (859) 594-7730 today.

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